dzug holds training session for sh-乐鱼下载

 dzug holds training session for sh-乐鱼下载
dzug holds training session for sh-hk trading rules

the h shares of shanghai dazhong public utilities (group) co., ltd. (dzug) were listed on the stock exchange of hong kong on december 5, 2016. in order to learn the difference between the trading rules of shanghai and hong kong, dzug held a training session in the meeting room 6 of dazhong building’s 21f on january 20, 2017. more than 40 people, including the senior management, general staff, subsidiary-based managers and some relevant accountants of the company attended the session lectured by lawyer ray liu of morrison & foerster’s hong kong office.

ray liu focused on the areas of disclosure, connected transactions, insider trading and interest declaration etc., specifically with some common cases during daily operations. in particular, he talked about the difference between the information disclosure of a shares and h shares, and had a special q&a session with the attendees.

the two-hour training session was substantial and efficient, paving the way for the company to comply with the information disclosure requirements upon h shares.